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You can learn the basics on courses with other aspiring photographers or we can teach you on a one-to-one basis with follow-up coaching and mentoring. Courses are normally a combination of  theory and hands-on depending on the understanding and requirements of the students.

As a commercial photographer and drone operator with many years’ experience, Jake has a wealth of experience to share. He recently published the definitive book on Drone Photography which is the template for his instruction.

In small groups or one-to-one situations Jake can get to know you and your capabilities and can ‘tailor’ a course to maximise your learning outcomes.

Courses can be tailored to cover the basics of drone flying, photography (or both!) through to advanced flying and photography post-production.

"The valuable experience of a highly successful professional photographer. In particular, learning Jake’s workflow and organised image storage was really great. It was very reassuring and encouraging to learn the strategy of a photographer of Jake’s reputation and wealth of experience. I had only just started using Adobe Lightroom and seeing the huge value it can add to the process from a professional’s point of view was fantastic. I have already started implementing Jake’s system. "​
JG - a recent course attendee

CAA Licenced Since 2014

We are fully CAA licenced since 2014 ensuring the highest standards in safety and operation.

We are fully insured and carry CSCS cards.


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